Is it Luck or is it Destiny?

Is it Luck or is it Destiny?

Is it Luck or is it Destiny?

Some people call it luck, some people call it coincidence or say it's synchronicity or a miracle, all of these describe the same phenomena that we recognise as taking place in our lives.

More and more people are paying attention to and understanding the occurrence of  coincidence in their lives and that in fact it has meaning. That chance meeting in the cafe, that conversation with the boss, the email that arrived in your inbox. These synchronicities that are a wonderful part of the unseen, intelligence that exists in nature, in the Universe, which creates the web we call Life.

Is it Luck or is is Destiny?Interestingly, when you start to pay attention to those "lucky breaks", you will realise that coincidences are truly meaningful because they are life opportunities.

You are presented with the opportunity to create something new in your life and that's exciting! That means that those coincidences give you the opportunity to become the person you are supposed to be.

It's mind-blowing to contemplate the complexities behind every event and the sequence of events, that led to that event. One things for sure, there is a force within nature, within the Universe, that conspires within these coincidences that weaves the web of what you might call karma or destiny and is creating a person's life. Invisible to us is a web of connections. It's only when we start paying attention to meaningful coincidence that we can see what caused X, then X caused Y, Y caused Z etc etc.

All of this means that coincidences are like red flags, to bring our attention to something that is important in our lives, but of course we have a choice whether we pay attention to them or not. Do you hurry along your path or do you observe the red flag that is waving at you and then live out the miracle that awaits.

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