How to Improve Self Awareness for Personal Development and Spiritual Growth 

One of the key aspects of any personal development program or indeed spiritual growth is to become self aware, to understand what is going on under the skin, to be sensitive to watch is present in the mind.

And really to increase awareness is to become aware! It’s a practical exercise. All too often people set off on a path of personal development or spiritual growth and they read lots and lots of books, they attend a multitude of seminars BUT they never do anything with the wealth of information they have gathered. As Israel Regardie so accurately puts it in The One Year Manual:

Reading does very little to bring one to any kind of realisation of one’s divine nature.

Getting Better Results with Proven Linguistic Influencing Skills 

Getting Better Results with Proven Linguistic Influencing Skills

Do you ever find yourself communicating in a way where instead of being influential, you are having to be a little bit too forceful with your language to get your point across? It’s a common problem. You’d like to say that actually your choice of words was coming from a place of influence and persuasion, but if you stopped for a moment and honestly thought about it, you were probably making your point or delivering your message using more force than influence.

Wherever You Go, There You Are 

Wherever you go, there you are

Ever noticed that there's no running away from anything?

If you refuse to deal with it and try to run away, eventually it catches you up. This is especially true with old patterns and fears.

The grass is not greener somewhere else!

Changing location, job, lover etc and have a new beginning a fresh start .... when all too often the troubles you feel aren't because of external factors.

Because, let’s face it, it’s so much easier to blame, accuse or believe that what’s needed is a change on the outside, in an attempt to escape from the forces that are holding you back, stopping you growing and from finding happiness. Or, worse still, you blame yourself and try to run away from it all, feeling that “it’s all a big mess.” Either way the belief that prevails is not conducive to creating a change and resolving the problem(s).