What is NLP Coaching?

In the fast moving world in which we live today, there is an increasing number of people who don't understand that it's their thinking, their focus,  their attitudes, their values and their beliefs that influences not just their results, it's their life generally. Often people have all the reasons and they may initially appear to be "good" reasons for not achieving what they set out to do. Or are their perceptions about their career or maybe their relationship  shrouded by a myriad of excuses for not succeeding? Hence why coaching is now recognised as the fastest growing professions across the globe today.

"Every World Champion Has A Coach" 

    Jay Conrad Levinson in “The Amazing Growth of Coaching” 

To give you an idea of how prevalent coaching is these days here are some people that we know who use a personal coaches to enhance their results: Professional athletes, film stars, CEO's, business managers and many of the world's political leaders all hire personal coaches for the purpose of providing support, for identifying limitations and to assist the individual with getting rid of those limitations. Plus a personal coach provides vital, sound advice in this increasingly competitive world.

"Business coaching and the personal development and self-help industry is considered to be one of the booming industries today."

Brendon Burchard

NLP Coaching provides you with a process that gives you effective tools and proven techniques for tools for producing results by creating effective, fast and painless change. Many people experience dissatisfaction with their results and with their life in general. So we are going to share with you a process that WILL successfully create change and produce powerful and positive results. This means that you will have the skills to dramatically improve your relationships your career, your income, your health......in fact all areas of your life.

The truth is that a common reasons why people start on the pathway of learning about NLP and why require a coach is that they want to improve their results. They want to be more successful and they are looking for fulfillment, in their career and also in their personal life. They are looking for an edge, they are looking for new strategies, new to tap into and utilise their potential to the fullest? By letting go of the limitations and blocks to actualise their goals and desired outcomes.

NLP Coaching at both the Practitioner Level and also the Masters Levels gives you a clear and structured framework, using Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnosis for resolving past issues and then a step by step guide of how to coach to get results in the future.


“The best way to predict your future is to create it”

Abraham Lincoln 


Catherine and Colin are available to coach you personally. To enquire about their availability and book a personal growth coaching session. Email enquiries@mindtrainingsystems.co.uk


We know that having access to positive emotions and establishing emotional BALANCE have a direct relationship with an individuals capacity to be effective, productive and resourceful. 

NLP Coach Certification is an integral part of our NLP Practitioner 4 in 1 Certification Training and NLP Master Coach Certification forms forms and essential element of our NLP Master Practitioner 4 in 1 Certification Training. If you have trained with another NLP Training Provider and would like to qualify as an NLP Coach or NLP Master Coach with Mind Training Systems, contact us now as we have a special upgrade option available for you.

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