Corporate Training

In this increasingly competitive and challenging economy, you will be very interested in finding out new ways to save costs and increase profits to ensure that you maintain the edge and become one of the outstanding leaders in your sector.

Is your team as successful as they could be? Are they performing at their best? Could business be better? What would 20% or more increase in your bottom line do for your business?

Ultimately every company's success is dependent on the performance of its people. There is no substitute for human performance.

Highly effective interpersonal dynamics are critical to the success of your business. For a team to perform at the optimum and deliver successful results consistently it's important that each team member understands and implements the advanced communication and interpersonal skills that we teach within our corporate curriculum here at Mind Training Systems. For you to easily increase the performance and profitability of your business, each and every team member must have total clarity and alignment with the long and short term vision and goals of the team as well as their part in it. They must be fully engaged to effectively implement with passion and certainty their role in the growth and success of their team and the business as a whole.

How will this advanced communication training help you to attain the growth you've been searching for:

  • Increased sales through detecting, understanding of and adapting to each clients preferred style of communication.
  • Increased productivity owing to increased sustainable motivation and aligned commitment from all team members.
  • Improved communication amongst team members creating synergy, efficiency and harmony.
  • Internal Conflict will be easily and quickly resolved and can be avoided all together, freeing your staff to expend all their energies only on team and company goals.
  • Achieve values alignment and clarity for the shared sense of purpose and vision that the company as a whole stands for.
  • Reduce recruitment and ramp-up costs by protecting the intellectual asset and investment of the human element of your business with maximised staff retention, any business is only as good as its people.


".....the training was interesting and relevant from start to finish. Presented and managed very well and was perfectly tailored to our needs"  Brian Derbyshire, Ritherdon - UK

As the economy gets more challenging can you truly afford not to invest in improving the performance of your greatest asset? Empowering your people now will continue to pay you with tangible measurable results here and into the future.

Mind Training Systems provides proven exceptional team building and performance boosting solutions here in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and the US.


Courses & Workshops

Mind Training Systems offers a variety of module based sales and communication trainings as well as team building solutions under a number of key themes which can be designed to specifically match the needs of your business and market place. Many of these are one or two day events, and can be designed to be delivered over 2 or 4 half-day workshops if required.

All of our trainings are highly interactive and are designed to empower each individual to learn effectively. With two highly experienced trainers and coaches both from a corporate managerial back ground, which allows us to ensure that all questions are answered with real world examples minus the unnecessary jargon.  Our trainings are as equally entertaining as they are thought provoking with an effective balanced mix of information, group activities, reflection, application and the all important “How to” in real world terms.

We measure our own effectiveness by your results and to that end we guarantee our work. Before we begin to help you create change within your business we will have established clearly defined outcomes set by you and agreed by us. If for any reason we have not achieved those outcomes by the end of the training we will work with you and your team for FREE until such time as all of the agreed outcomes have been achieved.

In addition to this guarantee, you and your staff will continue to have full access to our in-house coaching team post training to maintain or clarify utilisation of all they have learned in relation to the chosen syllabus.  This we offer to all of our students and have found it to be the most effective way to attain an advanced level of mastery in the process’s that we teach. We fully support and encourage all of our clients and students in becoming experts in these powerful techniques.


"Really enjoyed it! I've taken a lot of useful tips with me to grow our sales and service our clients better." Tony Gallagher,TRS Graphics - UK

Personal Development

  • Time, Energy and Focus Management
  • Being at Cause for All You Create
  • Projecting Success
  • Stress Free Optimum State and Physiology on Demand
  • Accessing Your Personal Power for Ultimate Self-Confidence
  • Clarity for limitless Career Development
  • Effective Goal Setting, The Certainty to Make it Happen

Sales and Communication

  • Controlling the Meaning of Your Communication
  • Effective Listening, Letting Them Empty Out
  • Talking Your Customers Language
  • The 5 Step Sales Process
  • Understanding Buying and Decision Making Strategies
  • Powerful Persuasion, Influencing Success
  • Presenting Powerfully, Commanding the Room

Motivation, Management & Leadership

  • Corporate Values Alignment and Goal Setting
  • Collective Focus the Power to Succeed
  • Transitioning into Management with Ease
  • Understanding Your Staff the Key to True Leadership
  • Coaching Skills, Team Performance Master Class
  • Conflict Resolution Negotiating a Win/Win

I"It was great! I've really enjoyed it and can see how implementing the strategies will improve my sales conversion rates." S. Barton-Gunning, Arbonne UK

Mind Training Systems in conjunction with your desired outcomes and the needs of your business can design an effective training that will flow using any of these modules. Book your free consultation and allow us to design the optimum training for your companies accelerated success. Developing your people beyond the competition today will ensure you outstanding results for the future.

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