Reiki is the Secret Method for Inviting Happiness

What are the Benefits of Reiki?

Would you like to feel more ‘laid back’, calm, content and serene?

Would you like to feel more positive and better able to cope?

Would you benefit from boosting your energy levels if they are low?

Would you like to be able to handle and be less affected by stressful situations and stressful people.

These are some of the 'Reiki effects’ that people enjoy from receiving a course of Reiki treatments. There is the potential for Reiki to make a real difference to your life.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese energy-balancing and de-stressing technique based on channelling of energy at various frequencies.  Reiki was developed around the late 1800s/early 1900s by Dr. Mikao Usui, although many people believe that Reiki origins extend further back in time because Reiki has roots in various Oriental traditions that were popular in Japan at this time. These include traditional Japanese Hand Healing, energy cultivation techniques, martial arts, Chi Kung, Shintoism, and mystical Buddhism. In its original Japanese form, Reiki was seen as a path to enlightenment, part of which was to do energy work on yourself and others. The energy that we work with when we use this technique is also called Reiki. So most Reiki Practitioners will treat other people, they will also treat themselves. Plus they will also follow a system set of principle to live by that were set down by Mikao Usui. Reiki is “neutral” and is effective regardless of your religion or belief system.

The Secret Method of Inviting Happiness...

Just for Today....

Do not anger

Do not worry

Be humble

Be honest in your dealings with people

Be compassionate towards yourself and others

Mikao Usui 1865-1926


Here you can see the The word Reiki (pronounced ‘ray-key’) written in Japanese and is made up of two characters: Rei and Ki. Rei means 'universal' or ‘spiritual’; ki means ‘vital energy’ or 'life force' and has an equivalent in nearly every ancient language (‘prana’ in Sanskrit, ‘ka’ in Egyptian, ‘chi’ in Chinese, ‘ruach’ in Hebrew, or ‘pneuma’ in Greek).

The existence of energy which flows through living beings is not new, it has been written about and understood by many ancient cultures. You have read about or know of the Chinese meridian system or the Indian chakra system.

The Japanese system of working with energy has been given the name Reiki. Ancient Eastern philosophy tells us that when energy flows freely and is in abundance, we can enjoy greater overall health however if our energy flow becomes restricted or it is depleted we may be more prone to illness. So when we do Reiki, in a metaphorical sense we are “recharging our batteries” if you like and replenishing our own personal reserves of energy. Dr Zimmermann, an orthopaedic surgeon in America, carried out some work and suggests that Reiki may aid the natural self-healing of the physical body. In fact, the result of Reiki can be a greater sense of well-being on all levels – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Reiki can produce some wonderful changes on the physical, emotional and mental levels when it is utilised as a treatment method. Some of the many potential benefits of Reiki include: 

  • Relief of a wide range of symptoms (for example insomnia, anxiety, stress)
  • Deep relaxation
  • Alleviation of pain
  • Increased calmness
  • Strengthening of the body’s natural healing abilities
  • Getting clarity and a clearer perspective
  • Greater ability to cope with the stresses and challenges of  everyday living
  • Greater awareness of your personal potential
  • The growth and development of hidden talents and creativity
...and that's regardless of how long the person had the problem, usually with a course of four Reiki sessions at weekly intervals. It appears that person experiences an effective, long lasting, results in creating a benefical change in these areas.

How does a Reiki Treatment work? What should I expect?

During your Reiki treatment, you can lay down and relax (fully clothed) on the comfortable Reiki treatment couch. Your Reiki Practitioner will place their hands on or just above your body (at their choice; this will be discussed beforehand) in a series of non-invasive positions, each one held for a number of minutes while the Reiki flows through the Practitioner and to you via the Reiki Practitioners hands. 
The Reiki flows to wherever you most need it, at that time, helping to restore balance. For most people, they experience Reiki energy as heat, some people also see beautiful colours, and almost everyone experiences a profound sense of relaxation and peace. Reiki really is unique to the individual.
A Reiki treatment is £40 and last for about 45 minutes to an hour. We offer appointments 7 days a week (including evenings). You are welcome to book your Reiki session with us at our clinic in Send (nr Guildford) here in Surrey. Call our Office to book on 01483 211 222
And regardless of what problem you had, the general effect of a course of Reiki treatments will allow you to feel more 'laid back', more relaxed, calmer and better able to cope. Reiki will assist you to enjoy the feelings of boosting your energy levels, raising your spirits, and make you feel more positive about things.
Reiki restores balance and harmony for you.

Call us now to book your appointment on 01483 211 222

NB Reiki is a complementary therapy and does not replace qualified medical diagnosis and treatment, where applicable. If you have concerns about your health, you should always consult your GP without delay in the first instance.

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