What Does Cause People to Change?

What Does Cause People to Change?

As we continue on this journey that we call life, things change for us as individuals. The question is what causes people to change? On the surface it appears to boil down to just two things:

The first thing is that something really, really good happens in life. For example the person gets into a relationship, falls in love and consequently life changes. Or the person gets a fantastic promotion at work, they earn heaps more cash and life changes. When people have experiences like this, life becomes so good that things can’t possibly stay as they were, they move forward and progress. They change.

The alternative is that instead of good stuff happening.....the person experiences not good stuff! Life becomes stressful, uncomfortable, painful, difficult and fraught with problems. The person wants to move away from the pain they are experiencing so they change something. They are forced by the discomfort of their problem(s) to change their life in some way.

For most people they live their lives somewhere in the middle of these extremes and every now and again they experience peak, positive events and peak, negative events. But they are not creating change with volition, they are living life by default. In essence Life is just happening.

The truth is that you can create your life by design instead. All too often it’s a negative emotion (like fear) that will stop an individual purposefully making changes in life. Or they may have limiting beliefs about what they perceive is possible for them. How many times have you heard someone say, “I wish I could do X but I can’t because of Y.”

For something to change you’ve got to want to make the change.

Now we have tools and techniques for effectively changing our mindsets to facilitate positive changes in our lives with volition. With NLP Coaching, Time Line Therapy® & Hypnosis you can eliminate negative emotions and limiting beliefs then set achievable goals that allow you to change your life so that you have your future by design.

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