What is Coaching Really?

What is Coaching Really?

COACHING is a process of assisting an individual to move from where they are to where they want to be in life. It’s a process that may also include helping the individual to enhance their skills, knowledge and work performance.
In fact, to be truly effective and powerful, coaching has to be so much more than just this! So to help ENSURE RESULTS then a coaching model has to have these 4 distinct phases within it.

Here’s an introduction to it, we give you heaps more information during our Coaching Diploma Weekend Training

Phase 1: Understanding and Clarity
Firstly, Coaching is the process of guiding an individual to an understanding and clarity as to the structure of the reality that they have been creating to date.
All of their reasons, their perceptions of their experiences, limitations, negative associations, limited resources, belief and values that are the cause of their current results. Results that they realise now, they no longer want.

Phase 2: Develop and Design
The coaching process is then used to work out, in a highly collaborative way, firstly what works (to be utilised and optimised) and more importantly what doesn’t work (to be altered or changed) in the context o f the new desired outcomes that the client very much now, would prefer to be achieving.

Phase 3: Change and Resource
Coaching now takes the form of a therapeutic intervention.
Reprogramming and changing what needs to be changed, reframing, adapting and altering whilst optimising and resourcing the client beyond the confines and constraints of what’s allowed them to hold the problem in place.

Phase 4: Supported Application and Utilisation
The coaching continues and rounds off in a supportive mentoring role, helping the client gain their own compounding positive experiences of the application and utilisation of their new found knowledge, skills and resources. Thus making the change, acknowledged, accepted and permanent.

Coaching has the power to stimulate individuality and creativity giving the person access to resources they may have not been unaware of. Coaching is the cornerstone of personal development. To find more come to our Coaching Diploma Weekend Training – places are FREEBook Today.....this training books up fast!!