It’s Easy to Make An Excuse.....

People talk a good game and you hear them tell you about all the things they are going to do, what they are going to achieve and it all sounds great.
Have you ever noticed that all too often, when you catch up with them, they often deliver plausible reasons (a.k.a excuses) why they haven’t done that yet or aren’t on track or haven’t even started on the project. And you know people like this! You don’t have to be a Coach or a Manager to appreciate this because friends and family can make excuses too. Viewing themselves as “victims of circumstance” the problem is they’ve given away their power to change. Instead of taking personal responsibility for creating a better life, they are living life by default.
It’s so easy to live like that. But it’s not satisfying, it’s not enjoyable to not be in control of where you are headed in life and powerless to change the track you are following. Yet the truth is, with a change of mindset, a pinch of courage and a bunch of motivation, it’s possible to turn that around and start to take personal responsibility for one’s results in life.
When you do that, it’s amazing the opportunities that become available to you, how your confidence, self esteem and motivation sky rocket! Life feels good when you are at the helm, navigating a course towards where you want to go.
Now is the time to live the life you want
If you want to create a change in your life, if you are ready to give up the excuses and you want to discover how you can be supported to do that, then get in touch.