When Bigger is Better - NLP

When Bigger is Better - NLP

When Bigger is Better - NLP

The truth is that for most people they live their lives tending to choose the path of least resistance, even though it's probably not very fulfilling. They look for the comfortable and easy situations but the problem with this chosen mode of living is that it doesn't allow the individual to learn and have access to their true personal development potential.

Personal transformation, does not happen while you seek refuge from the problems in your life.

To generate personal and spiritual growth then you have to learn to step out of your comfort zone. This is a theme that we talk about during all of our NLP Trainings. To access new resources, new learnings and to find solutions to those old problems you MUST step out of your comfort zone and sometimes plunge into uncomfortable situations. This creates change.

Very often the more uncomfortable we are in the new set of circumstances, the bigger the challenge is when the more personal growth we experience. Plus, we gain access to a greater number of new learnings and resources. So although stepping out of your comfort zone can be uncomfortable, for a moment, it's the only way to generate long term fulfillment.

Difficult as it may seem, you must learn that, instead of avoiding problems and obstacles, embrace them! In fact the bigger the problem, the further away from your comfort zone that you get, the bigger the changes you will make. That means that problems and obstacles are the true opportunities for your personal and spiritual development.

So remember that the next time a challenge is looming on the horizon, embrace it. From a NLP Training perspective: The bigger the obstacle, the better the potential personal development. The more barriers that there are, the more chance you have of accessing new resources and developing yourself, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

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